Debian installation notes


We start from a base system.

Basic utilities

aptitude install sudo
update-alternatives --config editor # set to vi
visudo # add user
# Ctrl-D to exit
sudo aptitude install vim git python htop python3 pandoc elinks

# I did this one first, but then couldn't get the login screen to show up for LXDE (couldn't get X to start up...). I probably could have done it this way though, so that I would have an even more minimal setup.
sudo aptitude install lxde-core
# Doing this worked
sudo aptitude install lxde

sudo aptitude install iceweasel
sudo aptitude install keepassx
sudo aptitude install iceweasel-adblock-plus

get vim config from here:

Setting your Git info

git config --global "First Last"
git config --global ""


sudo aptitude install pulseaudio pavucontrol

Just make sure to log out or reboot; then audio should be working.

Installing Haskell

See this page.


sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/SourceCodePro
sudo cp * /usr/share/fonts/SourceCodePro/

(as shown here) I’m not exactly sure which steps are required. mkfontdir seemed to create a fonts.dir in the current directory, so perhaps that was unnecessary considering that I had already moved all my fonts to the system directory.)

For finding pages for my website repository:

findAllPagesWith() {
    find ~/projects/ -iname "*$1*"

alias fp=findAllPagesWith

Website compilation

pip install --user jinja2
pip install --user pyyaml
pip install --user pandocfilters
pip install --user awesome-slugify
sudo aptitude install ruby-sass

which should take care of most problems. Make sure you have the latest Pandoc version (at least 1.13) though.

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