Created: 2015-06-25
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I’m really impressed right now with Mojix’s Mojilog (モジログ in Japanese). They seem to really be able to write about the most interesting things. It’s really unfortunate that the site hasn’t been updated in about one year. Somewhat ironically, they do have one post describing how important it is to keep blogging each day. Oh well. Anyway, some more interesting posts:

it’s really too bad i haven’t found more people/sites like this one.

  1. I actually found this hilarious sentence on the wikipedia page:

    このNUJABESの名は、その美しい彼の音楽とともに地球を一人歩きし、 人種や民族、国境や言語を軽々と飛び超え、世界を駆け巡り、 日本が世界に誇る日本人アーティスト名として広く知られるようになった。

  2. this is actually how i found mojix’s site in the first place.

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