Created: 2014-12-29

I have been active on the question-and-answer site Quora since February 2014. My main contribution to the site is in the form of questions (I’ve asked about 2500 questions as of December 2014). I also have about 60 answers on the site as of December 2014, which are archived here under My Quora answers.

I think Quora has the potential to produce long-lasting content, but similarly to Vipul Naik, I am uncertain of the social value of contributing1.

  1. Quoting Vipul Naik:

    The social value of writing questions and answers on Quora remains unclear to me. However, I do intend to write questions and answers on Quora to the extent that it also meets some other goals of mine (such as helping me learn something I want to know, or helping other people learn something specific that I consider important).

Tags: content creation, Quora.

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