List of discussions about the public discourse of GiveWell and Open Philanthropy Project

This page lists discussions about public discourse as it relates to GiveWell and Open Philanthropy Project.

Author Date Title Notes
Holden Karnofsky 2014-09-11 “Challenges of Transparency”
Issa Rice 2016-08-17 “June 2016 GiveWell board meeting” Rough transcript/commentary of the board meeting
Vipul Naik 2016-08-17 Post about June 2016 GiveWell board meeting
Holden Karnofsky 2016-09-16 “Update on How We’re Thinking about Openness and Information Sharing”
Vipul Naik 2017-01-28 Quote from “Transparency, measurement, humility”
Holden Karnofsky 2017-02-23 “Some Thoughts on Public Discourse”
Vipul Naik 2017-02-24 Post sharing “Some Thoughts on Public Discourse”
Ben Hoffman 2017-04-21 “Effective Altruism is self-recommending” The post is not directly about public discourse, but talks about external evaluations.
Vipul Naik 2017-07-04 Post about GiveWell’s external accountability The post is made in a closed group, but a public copy is available.
Issa Rice 2017-08-12 Open Philanthropy Project donation amounts by disclosure and year Work done on Vipul Naik’s donations list website, with task payment by Peter Hurford and done under a stipend from Vipul
Peter Hurford 2017-08-23 Comment on March 2017 open thread about relationship disclosures
Open Philanthropy Project 2017-08-30 “Relationship Disclosure Policy”
Vipul Naik 2017-08-30 Post about Open Phil’s new relationship disclosure policy
Vipul Naik 2017-09-25 Post that talks about the rationalist and EA communities fetishizing uncertainty The post gives GiveWell as an example.
Jeff Kaufman 2017-09-28 “Guardedness in EA” The post is about the EA community, but highlights the shift in GiveWell’s approach to public discourse as an example.
Vipul Naik 2017-10-01 Post that coins the term “Defensive Discourse”
Vipul Naik 2017-10-20 Post that shares this page
Vipul Naik 2017-11-10 Post about grant to MIRI and its signaling implications
Luke Muehlhauser 2017-12-12 “Reasoning Transparency” Discusses what Open Phil means by “reasoning transparency” and how to write documents that are more transparent in this way.
Vipul Naik 2018-02-10 The continued “evolving” approach to transparency, from the Open Philanthropy Project

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