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Note that I have two About pages. This page is about myself (Issa Rice); for information about this website, see About this site. See also Colophon.


My interests include cause prioritization, effective altruism, content creation, global health, longevity, neoteny, long-term thinking, LessWrong-style rationality, unschooling, and hikikomori.

These days I spend most of my time on Facebook and Wikipedia. My account names page has a longer list of my online accounts.


The best way to contact me is via email at riceissa@gmail.com. You can use my PGP public key if you would like to encrypt your message.

If you prefer, you can friend me on Facebook and message me there.

You can also send me anonymous feedback (an idea I got from Luke Muehlhauser and Gwern).

I try to respond to everyone who contacts me, but for various reasons I might not; feel free to ping me if I don’t respond. Also see “I emailed my customer asking multiple questions. Their reply addressed only one. What is the polite way to point this out?”; i.e. I will try to respond to every question or point, but sometimes I might not (for whatever reason). If you really want an answer, feel free to re-ask the question/restate the point.

See the page on account names for account names I use on various websites. You can try to contact me through those sites (if they offer a messaging feature) but I can’t guarantee I will check them often.

You can stalk me online (e.g. by following me on Quora or Facebook or by reading what I have on this website). I also don’t mind if you ask questions about me on Quora, if you want to passively contact me that way, though I don’t control what Quora allows.


I have a photo you can use to identify me.


See How should I properly pronounce your name? for information about my name.

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