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Here are the tools used to build and run this site.

Most pages are written using Vim using the Pandoc markdown syntax. The markdown files are then converted to HTML using Pandoc and a Makefile (but some special pages require custom shell and Python scripts and access to some databases).

The style sheet for this site evolved over the years based on things I saw that I liked on various other sites and my personal aesthetics. It no longer resembles these influences, but some of them include gitit, Gwern’s (old) site, GitHub’s (old) documentation pages, and Butterick’s book on typography.

Some of the colors come from Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized. See some thoughts on website design for more.

All of the source files necessary to build this site are hosted on GitHub. You can visit the repository on GitHub. I also have rarely-updated mirrors on BitBucket and on GitLab.

The actual site is served via Linode, using Nginx on a 64-bit Debian 9 (Stretch) machine. I currently use the Linode 2GB $10 per month plan.

I have registered the domains and through Hover.

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