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I have two About pages. This page is about myself (Issa Rice); for information about this website, see About this site. See also Colophon.


By day I am a freelance researcher. Since 2016 I have been regularly working with Vipul Naik, doing a mix of writing, programming, data collection, and other miscellaneous work. For the work I have done for Vipul, see his contract work portal page about me.

In my free time I do a mix of writing and programming as well. You can see my work page or portfolio page for a list of things I have worked on (the “Payment” column being zero on the work page usually indicates I worked on something in my free time). This website is also something that I have created in my free time, although most pages are notes so I don’t list them on my work page.


The best way to contact me is via email at riceissa@gmail.com.

See my contact page for more ways to contact me.

See the page on account names for account names I use on various websites. You can try to contact me through those sites (if they offer a messaging feature) but I can’t guarantee I will check them often.


I have a photo you can use to identify me.

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