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Although I haven’t spent too much time investigating all resources on effective altruism (EA), it seems that right now, discussions are occurring in disparate places, and that coordination between these places is lacking. It is difficult, for instance, to find all EA discussions that have taken place on giving now or later, or to find all discussions on going into finance. The goal of this page is to slowly compile all discussions that have taken place about EA on particular topics. I have also recently started the Cause Prioritization Wiki, which also focuses on information-gathering, but the wiki has the goal of comparing different causes, not just amassing EA discussions of them.

The list is alphabetized except for the very first item (“General/introductory discussions”).

I’m uncertain of the utility of this list. In a sense, it is just a collection of the “effective altruism versions” of various topics that are already discussed elsewhere (though I also think that EAs have probably added a lot to some discussions, like those on animal suffering and existential risks).

General/introductory discussions

Animal suffering

[to be added]


[to be added]

Cause prioritization

I’m currently working on cause prioritization research through the cause prioritization wiki, though the project is still at a very early stage. You can find my original public announcement about doing cause prioritization research (“cause prioritization prioritization”) here.

Criticisms of effective altruism

This has moved to the EA Wiki


[to be added]

Digital preservation

See Digital preservation and the digital preservation article on the CP wiki. (I’m still not entirely sure how I should try to split content between the two. I suppose the latter will only contain information about how important it is to do this, how much cost is involved in large-scale efforts, etc., i.e. more “impersonal” stuff, while the former will be more of a “do it yourself” type page.)

Donating now versus later

EA in different languages



[to be added]


Environmental change

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Existential risks

Influencing rich people

[to be added]

Local groups

EA in universities



There are quite a few organizations that are at least peripherally associated with the effective altruism movement:


Potentially risky acts


Social movements