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As of May 2022, Firefox is the main web browser I use. I find it slower than Google Chrome (which I use for Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, and YouTube), but find its address bar more useful.


Starting in 2021, I decided to reduce the number of extensions I use after learning more about how little auditing goes on for browser extensions and case-studies like The Great Suspender (where the original author sold it to some sketchy people who then put in spyware, or something like that).

(Above list is up-to-date as of 2023-07-26.)

I have several custom keyword searches on Firefox. Following DuckDuckGo’s idea of “bang expressions”, I prefix each keyword with ! (even though I don’t use DuckDuckGo).

Note that for the Internet Archive keyword searches, use %S rather than %s for the search string placeholder. The latter URL-encodes the search string while the former doesn’t.

I used to use bookmarklets, but have since switched to using an addon (for citation generation) and keyword searches (for accessing websites).


In about:config:

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