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Some notes on Genifer, which I didn’t know about until now.

“Genifer” seems to stand for “general inference”. I found out about it from an interview with Abram Demski which has a quote from cousin_it/Vladimir Slepnev: “I’m afraid of Abram Demski who wrote brilliant comments on LW and still got paid to help design a self-improving AGI (Genifer).”

I don’t see Genifer listed in Seth Baum’s paper of AGI projects.

I found this mailing list posting:

I’m the founder of the AGI (artificial general intelligence) project Genifer. Our aim is to build a thinking machine capable of commonsense reasoning, natural language, etc, and even self- improvement.

To summarize our project: Genifer is based on a Bayesian fuzzy- probabilistic higher-order logic with logic-based inductive learning. Natural language can be translated into our logic akin to combinatory categorical grammar. I’ve written an online book and plenty of introductory slides to explain the theory.

We need more partners. If you think you’re a close fit, or you’re just interested, please contact me. Or join the Google group:

As of today (2018-06-30), the last announcement on the linked mailing list is from 2015-08-19.

Yan King Yin, the apparent creator of Genifer, has a GitHub account. There are several Genifer-related repos.

There used to be a Google Code project but it 404s now.