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I use Git to version-control my writings and software.

I tend to use Git both on the command-line as well as in Vim using fugitive.vim and gv.vim. I also tend to look through commits and other information on GitHub (:Gbrowse makes it easy to go directly from Vim to the listing on GitHub).

For my Git configuration, see my .gitconfig and .cvsignore (global ignore file).

Some useful commands

Weird behavior

I’m documenting some weird behavior I’ve observed.

In ~/.gitconfig:

    pager = less -+S -r

Then running git diff --color 3cc00f112bf~1 3cc00f112bf in the CP Wiki repo. This causes colors to show up, but the header doesn’t show up at first. If you hit G to go to the bottom, then hit g to get back up, you can see the header. You can do some pretty weird things with this, e.g. git diff --color 3cc00f112bf~1 3cc00f112bf | fold | less -r will make the color fade out in some regions, and you can also see strange character marks.

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