Honors 394

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This is my course review and assignments for Honors 394: Teaching to Transgress. I took the course in winter 2015 with Frances McCue.


Most of the work for this course is in doing the assigned readings (something like 50–200 pages for each session, depending on the day; the class only meets twice a week though so it’s not as bad as it seems as long as you space it out) and participating in the in-class discussions. The assigned books were (in the order that we read them):

I didn’t think the in-class discussions were all that useful or high-quality (which is about as much as I expected), especially compared to the quality of discussions I regularly encounter on Facebook, Quora, and LessWrong (even with those places you have to find the good discussions though).

I think the greatest benefit I got from the course was the ability to spend some time researching unschooling as part of the final project (which ended up also being useful for my Cause Prioritization Wiki)1.


Here are links to the major assignments of the course:

Teaching puzzles


My midterm was a bit sassy, but you can read it here: “Some Pitfalls When Discussing Education”. It is an analysis of Paulo Freire and Paul Tough.

  1. Ironically, though, the final project ended up not being liked by the instructor and consequently brought my grade down.↩︎