How to wake up at a reasonable hour

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My sleep schedule has often been quite bad. Here’s a method I’ve been using in March 2023 that has been working quite well for me.

Some warnings/caveats:

With that out of the way, here’s the basic plan:

  1. First, without changing your schedule at all, set up a bunch of alarms on your phone for when you would normally do things you already do. I have alarms for:
    • wake up
    • take mid-day medications
    • take flax ground seeds
    • take night time medications
    • shut down computer
    • brush teeth
  2. Keep going about your life as usual, not changing your schedule at all. Just get used to the idea of “do things when alarm rings” instead of “do things because it’s a certain time on the clock”. I recommend maybe a week or more at this stage. (I had already been doing this step for my medications for a long time, so when I used this method for my sleep schedule, I basically skipped this step.)
  3. Now, shift back the alarms by 5–10 minutes each day. Every time you shift back by a full hour, I recommend staying there for maybe a week just to make sure there is not even any minimal jet lag. (I think the sensitivity of shifting back varies a lot by person. I think I’m generally a lot more sensitive to jet lag than most people, so that’s why I’m recommending stopping and staying after each hour moved back.)
  4. Keep going until you reach your desired wake up and/or sleep time.

Some notes: