Japanese translation of AI safety terms

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This page lists the Japanese translation of AI safety terms, as given in the Japanese translation of Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence. Page numbers in the notes column are all from the hardcover edition of the Japanese translation.

My main hope for this page is that in a few years it will be easier to find online discussions of AI safety in Japanese (if such things exist), by Googling some of the terms on this page. The book title alone may be sufficient, but it’s likely to miss discussions that just “dive in” without mentioning the book, and also the book title alone may turn up a lot of useless results (like those trying to sell the book). Having the separate terms also makes it possible to find the subset of discussions that mention some term.

English Japanese Notes
Whole brain emulation 全頭脳模倣型知能(全脳エミュレーション) p75
Mind uploading 精神アップロード p75. See also 精神転送.
Instrumental convergence 道具的収斂
Orthogonality thesis 直交仮説 p228
Mindcrime マインド・クライム
Paperclip AI ペーパークリップAI
Infrastructure profusion インフラの灌流と浪費
Perverse instantiation 偏屈なインスタンシエイション
Failure mode 不具合モード
Treacherous turn 面従腹背 面従腹背 is an idiomatic expression meaning something like “following orders in public but disobeying in private”, so search results will not be about AI safety.
Intelligence explosion 知能爆発
Agent エージェント
Self-preservation 自己保存
The control problem コントロール問題
Boxing method 閉じ込めメソッド p276
Coherent extrapolated volition 整合性のある外挿的意志 p444. Wikipedia also translates this as 一貫推定意志.
Oracle オラクル、託宣 p310
Genie ジーニー p316
Sovereign ソブリン p316
Tool-AIs ツールタイプのAI p322
Multipolar scenario 多極シナリオ p337
Superorganism 超個体、スーパーオーガニズム p377
Pascalian wager パスカルの賭け p470
Pascalian mugging パスカルの強奪 p470
Timeless decision theory タイムレス決定論 p470
Updateless decision theory 非更新型決定論 p470
Differential technological development 技術開発の差別的進展 p485
Fast takeoff ファストな離陸 p508
Slow takeoff
Hardware overhang ハードウェアの突出的進歩 p508