List of discussions about the public discourse of GiveWell and Open Philanthropy Project

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This page lists discussions about public discourse as it relates to GiveWell and Open Philanthropy Project.

Author Date Title Notes
Holden Karnofsky 2014-09-11 “Challenges of Transparency”
Issa Rice 2016-08-17 “June 2016 GiveWell board meeting” Rough transcript/commentary of the board meeting
Vipul Naik 2016-08-17 Post about June 2016 GiveWell board meeting
Holden Karnofsky 2016-09-16 “Update on How We’re Thinking about Openness and Information Sharing”
Vipul Naik 2017-01-28 Quote from “Transparency, measurement, humility”
Holden Karnofsky 2017-02-23 “Some Thoughts on Public Discourse”
Vipul Naik 2017-02-24 Post sharing “Some Thoughts on Public Discourse”
Ben Hoffman 2017-04-21 “Effective Altruism is self-recommending” The post is not directly about public discourse, but talks about external evaluations.
Vipul Naik 2017-07-04 Post about GiveWell’s external accountability The post is made in a closed group, but a public copy is available.
Issa Rice 2017-08-12 Open Philanthropy Project donation amounts by disclosure and year Work done on Vipul Naik’s donations list website, with task payment by Peter Hurford and done under a stipend from Vipul
Peter Hurford 2017-08-23 Comment on March 2017 open thread about relationship disclosures
Open Philanthropy Project 2017-08-30 “Relationship Disclosure Policy”
Vipul Naik 2017-08-30 Post about Open Phil’s new relationship disclosure policy
Vipul Naik 2017-09-25 Post that talks about the rationalist and EA communities fetishizing uncertainty The post gives GiveWell as an example.
Jeff Kaufman 2017-09-28 “Guardedness in EA” The post is about the EA community, but highlights the shift in GiveWell’s approach to public discourse as an example.
Vipul Naik 2017-10-01 Post that coins the term “Defensive Discourse”
Vipul Naik 2017-10-20 Post that shares this page
Vipul Naik 2017-11-10 Post about grant to MIRI and its signaling implications
Luke Muehlhauser 2017-12-12 “Reasoning Transparency” Discusses what Open Phil means by “reasoning transparency” and how to write documents that are more transparent in this way.
Vipul Naik 2018-02-10 The continued “evolving” approach to transparency, from the Open Philanthropy Project

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