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This page is my review of MealSquares.

Since the recipe seems to have changed over time, I am eating the MealSquares sold as of November 2017. You can see the nutrition facts page of version I am eating.

To give context, Ethan Bashkansky offered me MealSquares that he had recently ordered. I first tasted a small bite when I wasn’t hungry, and thought it tasted fine. Later that evening, when I became hungry, I had a whole MealSquare. Again, it tasted fine, but it was more satisfying because I was actually hungry.

What was most surprising to me was that the MealSquare, despite its size, cannot be eaten so quickly. Eating a whole MealSquare took me about 15 minutes, although I am a slow eater.

Overall I was impressed with MealSquares and might order some myself at some point.