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This is a collection of resources for students at the University of Washington and those considering attending there. The page also includes some information on college in general. Most of the resources are answers posted to Quora, so having an account on there will allow you to ask for clarification in the respective answers1. The collection here may at the moment seem too “insular”, since a majority of the answers have been written by just a few people (e.g. Alex K. Chen). This will hopefully change in the future as more people contribute their knowledge and experiences online (e.g. via Quora).

Please let me know if there are any other good resources or if there are mistakes (e.g. broken links) here. I also have a mirror of this page on Quora (but I will only update the content here), so feel free to suggest edits on there, which can then be transferred to here. This page is also hosted on GitHub like the rest of this site, so feel free to send corrections using pull requests.

Note that even if you’re not logged in on Quora, adding /?share=1 to the end of the URL allows you to view all answers, not just the first one.

Other lists of resources


For pre-first-year students

Applications for the University of Washington are accepted starting in October and until December 1 (though they may extend it for a day if their servers crash—but don’t count on this). Then, decisions are mailed starting around March 15 (and you have until around May 1 to decide whether to attend). After that, there are several events designed to welcome prospective students and incoming first-year students.

Admitted Student Previews (~April)

This event is hosted before decision day, and is designed to let prospective students decide whether they want to attend UW by walking around campus, meeting fellow admitted students, and so on.

Advising and Orientation session (A&O) (June–August)

This event occurs after decision day, and usually after high school is over. It is designed to welcome incoming first-year students (i.e. people who were accepted to UW and chose to attend there) by giving tours of the campus, allowing incoming first-year students to interact with each other, having them sign up for their fall-quarter courses, and so on.

Doing research

Getting the most out of UW



Unfortunately most of these questions don’t have any answers yet, but they all have the potential to become useful resources in the future, so I will still put them here.

UW Honors

Early entrance

Computer science and engineering (CSE)

Atmospheric science




Thinking about graduate school

By now Quora might be the best source for information, although I’m not really knowledgeable on the subject.

  1. I have often done this and have gotten a lot of useful information.↩︎