Setting up a website

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More to come.

some things I need to talk about:

Setting up a subdomain

on Linode go to A/AAAA Records, and add the following:

Then: be patient; it takes a bit of time for this to work. But also in Apache, you need to set up a VirtualHost so this subdomain actually goes somewhere. Do something like

<VirtualHost *:80>
  DocumentRoot /var/www/blog/public_html

  DirectoryIndex index index.html index.php
#  LogLevel warn
#  ErrorLog /var/www/wp-blog/log/error.log
#  CustomLog /var/www/wp-blog/log/access.log combined

but remember, /var/www/blog/public_html must be a valid location on your server. Remember also to restart Apache using sudo service apache2 restart.