UW CSE Departmental Orientation

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I attended the orientation on Thursday July 30, 3:30–4:30pm (in CSE 305).

Welcome New CSE Majors!

Essentially they just handed out some information papers—most of which could just have been sent electronically. There were two exceptions, as far as I’m aware:

There is, of course, one other “benefit”, which was that you got to see some of the new admits (there were around 43 in the room when I went), which probably satisfied many people’s curiosity (including, I must admit, mine). Although even here, since only some of the new admits were there and since UW CSE already has planned an “ACM New Student Welcome” on September 30, one could have waited just two more months; what’s the value of knowing two months earlier people you won’t work with until two months later, anyway?

The orientation wasn’t as bad as the farce that is the general UW orientation (A&O) for first-year students, though.