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My username on Wikipedia is Riceissa. See my English-language contributions and my Japanese-language contributions.

I’ve been a reader of Wikipedia for a long time, but only recently started contributing (around January 2015, but not very consistently).

Starting in late 2015 I’ve been doing more work on Wikipedia. See Vipul Naik’s page on sponsored editing for more information. Also relevant is my current bounty list.

As of March 2017, I have 5,919 edits on the English Wikipedia. More detailed statistics are available using X!’s tools.

On March 20, 2017, I was indefinitely blocked from editing the English Wikipedia as a “Promotion / advertising-only account”. More information is available on the corresponding Administrators’ noticeboard/Incidents thread. This block was one of the results of a series of attacks on Vipul Naik’s paid content creation project.


Here I list my main contributions. See “Pages created by Issa Rice” and “Pages edited significantly but not created by Issa Rice” on Wikipedia Views for tabulated pageviews. I might not update this page often, but usually either this page, Wikipedia Views, or my payment page (which includes not just Wikipedia pages) should list my major contributions. If listed in none of those places, then my contributions pages (on Wikipedia itself) are the definitive source.

Global health

Most recently, I’ve been doing research in global health—and in the process I’ve been writing several Wikipedia articles in the area. These are:


gwern, May 2010:

But seriously: any copyvio on Youtube is Youtube or the uploader’s problem. Are we our brother’s keeper? Our task is to make the best encyclopedia we can, not adhere to every crazed jot and tittle of American IP maximalism unless it’s a genuine threat to the encyclopedia. No one has ever sued us over contributory infringement linking to a video site, and no on ever will; any effort spent dealing with an illusory threat yields equally illusory benefits.

gwern, December 2007:

You and your ilk fetishize notability, you fetishize printed sources. You raise up a god of process and bow down to it, burning useful good stuff as a holocaust with pleasing smell to it. You dare talk about quality? You guys don’t have the slightest clue what quality is. All you can perceive are the trappings that sometimes go with it.

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