Issa Rice

This is the website of myself, Issa Rice. This site stores biographical information about me, but it is also a personal wiki or open notebook of sorts; anything that doesn’t belong elsewhere ends up on here, and as a result the content on here can be of admittedly low-quality: unfinished, written in multiple voices over the span of years, wrong, or otherwise unsuitable for public consumption. Embarrassing as it is, I like to “think and work in the open” so others can benefit from my thoughts and critique them.

On this site

Summary of what I worked on: July 2018

For completed tasks, see the work page.

This month I spent a lot of time working on the Computing Data Project. It’s not ready for public use yet.

I did some work on Vipul Naik’s Machine Learning Subject Wiki. You can see pages like Summary table of multivariable derivatives and Derivative of a quadratic form.

I learned more decision theory and have a draft blog post that tries to explain the differences between the various logical decision theories.

I did some work on Vipul’s Donations List Website, mostly adding data and working on the money moved table (adding the “amount accounted” column).

Activity feeds

Here are some activity feeds that track what I’ve been working on: