Issa Rice

This is the website of myself, Issa Rice. This site stores biographical information about me, but it is also a personal wiki or open notebook of sorts; anything that doesn’t belong elsewhere ends up on here, and as a result the content on here can be of admittedly low-quality: unfinished, written in multiple voices over the span of years, wrong, or otherwise unsuitable for public consumption. Embarrassing as it is, I like to “think and work in the open” so others can benefit from my thoughts and critique them.

On this site

Summary of what I worked on: October 2017

For completed tasks, see the work page.

In addition, during October I did more work on Vipul Naik’s Development Economics Subwiki. You can see my contributions.

I also started a Timeline of economic statistics (the current version has a lot of edits from Vipul as well).

Finally, I started working on a website to help me (and others) get a better idea of the AI safety landscape.

Activity feeds

Here are some activity feeds that track what I’ve been working on: