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This is the website of myself, Issa Rice. This site stores basic information about me. It also serves as a place to store notes and drafts; anything that doesn’t belong elsewhere ends up here.

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Summary of what I worked on: March 2017

I started the month by continuing with improvements to tech company timelines, in particular timeline of Reddit and timeline of GitHub.

Due to community hostility, Vipul Naik’s Wikipedia project (on which I collaborated significantly) was suspended during March. Since a large part of our work on Wikipedia was in the form of timelines, I did the work of migrating our timelines content to a self-hosted wiki, now available as the Timelines Wiki. In the process of setting up the new wiki, I found a lack of good documentation, so I also wrote up some notes on that.

I wrote a small script to help process Arnold Foundation grants for Vipul Naik.

I also made more improvements to Wikidossier.

March in general was rather stressful because of what happened with Wikipedia: as mentioned above, our project was suspended and my account was indefinitely blocked. To cope better with the situation, I took a “vacation” starting around March 23 that lasted until the end of the month.

Activity feeds

Here are some activity feeds that track what I’ve been working on:

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