Issa Rice

This is the website of myself, Issa Rice. This site stores biographical information about me, but it is also a personal wiki or open notebook of sorts; anything that doesn’t belong elsewhere ends up on here, and as a result the content on here can be of admittedly low-quality: unfinished, written in multiple voices over the span of years, wrong, or otherwise unsuitable for public consumption. Embarrassing as it is, I like to “think and work in the open” so others can benefit from my thoughts and critique them.

On this site

Summary of what I worked on: November 2017

For completed tasks, see the work page.

In addition, during November I did more work on Vipul Naik’s Development Economics Subwiki. You can see my contributions.

I continued work on importing data for the Devec/Demography Data Portal (mostly country name normalization and trying to get all region/metric/year/units/dataset combinations to be unique in the database). One new repository here is devec_sql_common, which has some common code for working with all the datasets.

I also began work on a Computing Data Project (to be funded by Vipul Naik). Here I’ve mostly been reading about different cloud computing services and trying to come up with a database schema, so there isn’t much to see yet.

I also opened a bunch of issues on Vipul Naik’s Donations List Website repo. Previously our list of things to work on was stored as instant messaging messages, so these issues will make it easier to get an overview of things to work on. The plan is that eventually someone (probably me) will come and complete these tasks.

Activity feeds

Here are some activity feeds that track what I’ve been working on: